Tools to Simplify Remote Work

On a wooden desk sit a laptop, a phone, a notebook, and a pen.
At Provide, we had a chat about the tools and routines we use to assist our remote work. There were some great suggestions, so we’d like to share them here! This is a quick list of tools that make keeping track of different accounts, tasks, and events much easier!

This helps us secure our logins, travel documents, and other sensitive information in one safe place.

This is another helpful tool for storing passwords and is available on a variety of platforms.

Google Now
This keeps us prepared for the weather, aware of local traffic delays, and in the know about area events! This is extremely useful for organizations that want to acquire cultural proficiency.

A great tool that integrates appointments and reminders from a large number of sources.

For collaborative tasks, Todoist is a must! One great premium feature is the ability to color code projects.

Those who travel for work know that keeping track of the necessary documents can be a nightmare. No longer the case with TripIt!

Another great app for keeping track of tasks. Users can share lists and easily sort items in a number of ways!


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