Routines for Finding Inspiration

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At Provide, we had a chat about the tools and routines we use to assist our remote work. There were some great suggestions, so we’d like to share them here! This is a quick list of resources and routines that we use to help us feel inspired!

3 Things to do Tomorrow Morning
Some of us have found that taking time to write down the first three tasks for the next morning goes a long way. It’s helpful to get the organizational planning done in advance so that the morning is devoted to execution.

It’s very tempting to take notes digitally when working remotely, especially to simplify sharing. That said, some of us have found that we feel more organized and inspired when we make the effort to handwrite notes!

Harvard Business Review
This is a very high quality resource that covers a lot of ground for managers!

Manager Tools Podcast
Hosted by Michael Auzenne and Mark Horstman, this is a great listen for managers looking to become more effective!

Read a Hard Copy of a Local Newspaper
Keeping up with nearby events and news is vital for organizations that need to be culturally competent. Some of our team members find it helpful to establish connections in tangible ways, and reading hard copies of local papers definitely does the trick!


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