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How do I know if an employee is working if there is no “at work?” How do I make collaboration happen?

These are all questions we’ve all occasionally had ourselves or heard from fellow managers incredulous of remote work. Remote management is not that different from applying good management practices, but it is absolutely incompatible with the idea that the job of a manager is to make workers work and mere physical proximity can make that happen. This idea is surprisingly present in the nonprofit sector, where good management practices have been slow to become a priority (perhaps because it is the rare check that arrives with “enhance management practices” in the memo line).

This section is to share on which resources we lean on heavily and our “ah ha” moments about how to administratively take on remote work and do it well even when there isn’t a lot of money. When we don’t manage effectively, it is not the bottom line that suffers, but the change we are charged to make in the world.


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