8 Productivity Hacks for Remote Workers

8 Productivity Hacks for Remote Workers

We love scouring the web for different tips and tricks on how to be successful at working remotely, so we were naturally thrilled to find Lifehacker’s new article “Eight Proven Strategies for Better Remote Work.” From productivity tools to starting your day off on the right foot, this article walks you through building your own remote work routine to stay happy and productive.

There are many different articles discussing various tactics at boosting your morale and performance while working from home, but this article goes in depth to eight key points, breaking down each one into manageable tasks and examples.

We’re big into evaluation and data at Provide, so one of our favorites on the list is #7: Track and Gamify Your Productivity. But if you’re looking for more of a quick tip, we recommend #4: Keep Your Work and Personal Spaces Separate.

This helps set the frame for improved productivity. When you enter your home office, you don’t expect to take a nap or watch TV. Your brain gets spatially wired to think of the office as the place where work happens.

You get bonus points if you dress up in office attire (or at least something more formal than PJs) when you’re working at home.

Plus, the separation creates a mini “commute.” Simply walking from the bedroom to the office signals that you’re physically moving between work and personal space. Your brain automatically switches into productivity mode when it starts seeing the work area as a place to get things done.

Read the full Lifehacker article here, and don’t forget to leave us a comment letting us know if any of these strategies work for you!