Working Remotely = Working Productively

Working Remotely = Working Productively

We’ve spoken a great deal on Remote Justice about how working remotely can be a major boost to productivity for many workers. A new study from found that only 7% of workers felt most productive in the office– leaving a whopping 93% open to the productivity that comes to working remotely from home, a coffee shop, or elsewhere out of the office. We’ve had the qualitative evidence, but this study brings some quantitative evidence into the mix.

Forbes summarizes these findings with a few other stats about the benefits of remote work, including why people find working remotely to be more productive and how the option for remote work makes employers more desirable for potential employees.

The Forbes article also quotes remote worker Brie Reynolds, “Another critical point is the ‘snowball effect’– the more people work remotely, the more companies become comfortable with the concept and therefore allow more people to work remotely. It’s a cycle that supports growth.”

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