Supporting Remote Work on an Organizational Level

Melanie Zurek and her daughter hug while sailing on a boat.

Third in the Provide in Profile series, Executive Director Melanie Zurek shares some insights about remote work and the intentionality of communication that it requires. Our experiences at Provide have shown us that remote work is unlikely to be successful if that intentionality, as well as those moments of reflection, are not supported from the top down. Check out this interview with Melanie to learn more about how we implement this behavior into our daily work!


Taking Time For Stillness

A golden brown background with golden text that reads "Practice The Art of Silence"

Remote managers know how to stay connected and on top of things. But do we take and encourage time for stillness? Here are some important reminders from Beth Kanter about making sure we allow time for reflection- a particularly vital component of long distance management!