Designing an Inspiring Home Office

A close-up of a desk with a computer, corded phone, and office supplies. Behind the desk is a sign that reads, "Be creative".

Once the home office is organized, remote workers can really let their creativity out! “5 Tips to Improve Your Home Office Setup” by 1stwebdesigner offers helpful ideas and beautiful photos of workspaces for inspiration! Being able to truly concentrate within the workspace you’ve created for yourself is the first step to increasing work productivity and promoting a healthy work/life balance.


Remote Culture and How to Build It

Three hikers hike up a rocky hill on a sunny day.

How can remote organizations create culture? It takes clear intent for remote organizations, so make sure to read Zapier’s blog’s “How to Build Culture in a Remote Team” for a list of culture building steps! This is an excellent personal take on the importance of social interaction for remote teams.

Smooth Sailing for Remote Teams

A boat sails on smooth waters on a cloudless day. Land is visible in the distance.

“Why Remote Teams Are the Future (and How to Make Them Work)” by Help Scout highlights some of the most important aspects of creating remote teams that work smoothly. This resource covers a wide variety of topics, including advantages vs. disadvantages, statistics of successful remote companies, suggested technologies, and a smattering of basic best practices.